Production time - 2-4 weeks.


Suitable for shooting widescreen video.

Manufactured in a metal case.


All lenses are made of optical glass. The lenses have no multi-coating, only a neutral coating.

Mount - EF-mount.

The diameter of the thread for the filter is 82 // 95 mm.

Suitable for all matrix sizes, including FullFrame.


The maximum shooting sharpness is achieved at a distance of 10-20 meters. At a distance closer than 3 m it may be necessary to use additional diopters + 0.3 / + 0.5.



Attention!!! Upon receipt of the goods, be sure to check the integrity of the packaging and the absence of damage to the goods. If there is any damage, refuse to accept the goods.

Vormaxlens 35 mm 2.8 1.33x EF-mount (Full frame)

RUB 38,000.00Price

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