The Trioplan lens uses an artistic optical system. It works with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic system. The main advantage of this lens is beautiful bokeh. Trioplan will be interesting for lomography, art or creative paintings. Great bokeh ring, sharpness from dreamy to sharp, depending on the aperture.

Position the subject at different distances from the background, or change the aperture to achieve different effects on the image.

It works best with F2. 8.

If the aperture is wide open, the photographs have a soft effect.

The focus ring and aperture operate smoothly.

Filter mount - 34 mm.


Length - 62 mm, diameter - 50 mm. Weight ~ 135 g.



# trioplan40




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Trioplan Vormaxlens 40 mm f / 1.8 for full frame

RUB 3100.00Price