Vormaxlens monocle 90 mm f / 2.8 Art Lomography M42 is made in a metal case. Front lens diameter - 60mm (filter - 67mm). Suitable for both full frame and cropped cameras. Adjustable iris and focus. An macro ring is included for close shooting.

Perfect for artistic photography. The achieved effect is soft, slightly blurred outlines and slightly reduced contrast. Due to spherical and chromatic aberrations, a luminous contour remains around the objects being shot. The image remains sharp, so even at high magnification, the picture will also remain clearly visible.

Widely used for portraits - due to the softening effect, facial skin imperfections become less noticeable, and black and white portraits take on a retro style. When shooting landscapes, unusual effects such as haze or fog are achieved. When shooting a still life, the picture takes on lightness and weightlessness.



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Monocle Vormaxlens 90 mm

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